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Explainer Video Voiceovers

affordable explainer video voiceovers

Explainer video voiceovers are available to those that offer products and services that later need to be followed up with an explainer video that details how to use the product or service. Most of these videos can be found online and on the company’s website for more information. Because of this, they should also be clear and concise to appeal to a broader audience for more views. If your content is hard to understand, then viewers will likely be upset with both the video and the product or service itself.

Clear and Concise

Like we said before, it is very important that you keep your information clear and concise so that it can appeal to a wider audience. If your content is slow, boring, or simply doesn’t match the graphics you place with the voiceover, you’ll find viewers losing interest or clicking out of your video part of the way through. Clearness and conciseness give you the upper hand so that viewers can also follow your video step by step, rather than constantly rewinding or asking more questions that were left unanswered.


Along with creating content that is clear and concise, your voiceover is also a way to make your content more engaging. If your content is about something mundane and you have a voice that matches it, viewers won’t be excited to watch the video all the way through. If you add an upbeat or happy voice that encourages learning from the content and engagement, you can bet on more viewers viewing the content all the way through the explainer video, and without having to fast-forward, skip around, or close the video altogether.

Easy to Understand

Explainer videos are meant to do exactly that – explain information! This means that they also need to be easy to understand and watch so that your viewer gets the most from them as possible. Once your video is complete, viewers should not be left with numerous questions about missing parts or information or confused about the concept of the video. Instead, they should be able to understand the contents of the video because of the clear and concise voiceover that detailed the information that was laid out. It’s true – you can make virtually any topic easy to understand with an explainer video and a great voiceover that covers the important points of script and provides information that coincides with the content or visuals of the video.

Matching the Video’s Tone

Matching the video's tone is another aspect that you'll want to consider and put some extra time into. This means that if you're explaining a video with vital information or sensitive information, you'll want a voice that matches the tone of the content. Avoid picking uplifting tones that could make the video sound childish or less serious, especially if the content is meant to be important. If your explainer is informative and newsworthy or light-hearted, then fun and upbeat voice will make it that much more interesting.

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