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Online Video Voiceovers

best online video voiceover

Online video voiceovers come in a variety of formats, depending on the information that is being relayed. Some brands will choose online video advertising because they are able to create longer videos and reach broader audiences, while others simply use online video voiceovers to narrate their tutorials and information and videos. We continually provide assistance to companies and brands of all backgrounds that are looking to develop online videos and are in need of a professional voiceover that can articulate their script in a way that promotes the brand while also advertising for the company in the brand-specific tone. Online video voiceovers are a great way to get more value out of your advertising time and space so that you can reach more potential viewers and expand your audience in the meantime.

Short Videos

Short videos and advertisements are usually those that you see appearing on another video as an advertisement. You'll see them when you go to platforms like YouTube or other websites to read and explore content. Before you're able to get to the video you want to see, you'll be asked to view another advertiser's video, which is where you can use this time wisely to generate interest among your audience. Online video voiceovers allow you the opportunity to create a longer advertisement than what you would see on TV or hear on the radio, giving you the edge to higher quality content.


Tutorials are another popular video that you’ll see using online video voiceovers. We’ve provided our voiceover services for many tutorials in the past, including professional tutorials showing how to use a product, explaining a service, or advertising for a brand. Tutorials allow your viewer to get a glimpse into how your brand operates, why your products and services are useful, and how your viewers can act and engage after seeing your content.

Information Videos

Other times, you might see online video voiceovers being used for information or explainer videos. These kinds of videos often use pre-filmed or recorded footage that is then shown again to emphasize and visualize the context of the video. For example, an online video voiceover might be narrating or detailing an event that happened many years ago, while the footage being shown was shot, well, many years ago!

Script Assistance

If this is your first time creating or developing an online video and you would like assistance in enhancing your script, we would be more than happy to help you do so. We have many years of experience in assisting clients to develop and create their scripts so that they are concise and clear and able to relay the message that they are intending. We can also help you write your script so that it fits a larger audience, edit your script so that it sounds grammatically correct, and we can also provide feedback on what should be changed or altered so that you were making the most use out of your allocated timeslot.

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