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TV Commercial Voiceovers

professional tv commercial voiceovers

TV commercial voiceovers are developed to bring your brand to life with a new digital medium. Using TV has long been favored by many advertisers because it is able to reach numerous consumers and viewers quickly and with a combination of media that emphasizes what your brand can offer, giving consumers an easy way to visualize and remember your brand. TV commercials, however, can offer stunning aesthetics with poor audio, so our job is to enhance the voiceover aspect and bring your commercial full circle so that it is both appealing and entertaining to viewers.

Promoting a Product/Service/Business

TV commercial voiceovers are intended to help you sell a product or service on a larger platform. Promoting your product or service on TV is a great way to boost sales and bring awareness to your brand. In order to do this, however, you’ll likely need some assistance with a professional voiceover. The voiceover is integrated into the TV commercial to narrate the context of the commercial, while the visuals are intended to support the narrator. They work in conjunction with one another to build a quick storyline that promotes your business.

Choosing Your Voice Artist

When it comes to choosing your voice artist, it'll probably help to hear a few out and reading your script before you decide which one you like best. We have clips of all of our voiceover artists in a talent pool that allows you to choose which voice you like to narrate your TV commercial voiceover. If you're selling or promoting something like a beauty product, perhaps you'll want to enlist the services of a female voiceover that's both eloquent and concise. If you're advertising a sporting event, then maybe a deeper voice will be more suitable to provide such energy that matches the event.

Utilizing Your Script

Once you have chosen your voiceover artist, you’ll then want to edit and utilize the anticipated script that you have. The script is important because the artists themselves do not write the script; you do! If you have particular keywords that you would like used, you’ll need to include these in your script so that we’re able to accommodate your words accordingly. You’ll also want to include important brand names, promotional deals, dates, or other vital information that is worth noting in your script for consumers to remember and act quickly on.

Bringing Your Commercial to Life

Lastly, our main goal is to bring energy and life to your TV commercial. We’re able to do this because we have years of experience in the industry and understand how TV commercials work and are later projected when using our voiceover services. Voiceovers are a fantastic and efficient way to utilize a script of important information, along with the short timeframe that is usually allocated for commercials. Not only can you scan across important visuals and images, but your voiceover narration means that you don’t have to use real-time talking to get the same message across.

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