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Voiceover Narration

professional voiceover narration service

Voiceover narration is a technique that is often used for short films or other types of digital videos. What many enjoy about the voiceover narration technique is that you are able to provide visuals that don’t necessarily have to align with what’s being said at the same time. In the past, it was always preferred to use live-action scripts and lines by actors facing the camera. Now, the technique allows two types of media interaction at once, which provides a stunning visual and artistic aesthetic.

Digital Storytelling

The biggest perk of a voiceover narration is the means of digital storytelling. Whether it be a film, an advertisement, or a TV commercial, most come with storylines that are looking to be told. Sometimes it could be the sad child with a cough and needs the cough syrup being sold, or perhaps it’s the dog that loves to play and the commercial is a backdrop for a dog food brand. Either way, there is no arguing that voiceover narration for background storylines is a great way to digitally tell a story while using two media forms at once.

Film Voiceovers

Film voiceovers are also available to integrate neutral voices into the context of the storyline, rather than have an actor fulfill the voiceover for the character’s own thoughts or version of events. Some may use film voiceovers for opening storylines, background information, or other narration that needs to be integrated by is not spoken specifically by one of the main characters of the story. Film voiceovers keep the story flowing and without interruption or the assumption that the narration storyline belongs to one character specifically.

Accents and Vocabulary

Another aspect that you may want to consider when developing your digital story is the type of context you want it to rest in. This is important because it will affect how your voiceover artist performs the script. For example, if you want stronger accents or intense vocabulary, you’ll need to write this in the script along with its relation to the storyline so that our voiceover artists can make the connection and read the script in the right character mindset. Our voiceover artists have experience in a variety of accents, tones, and can incorporate larger words or complicated words into the final script. We also have some artists that are multilingual, if you are looking to develop something in another language other than English.

Our Talent Pool

Our talent pool consists of a variety of voiceover artists from all backgrounds that specialize in offering unique versions of scripts and voiceover delivery. This is what makes voiceovers to exciting is that you have so many to choose from and our artists are extremely talented and versatile, so they can accommodate virtually any adjustments or tweaks that you may want to have. If your voiceover narration needs to target a specific demographic and you want to incorporate their slang, accent, or vocabulary into the voiceover narration, we can easily do that!

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